RaceWerk Motorsports and Turboperformance®

RaceWerk Motorsports has been working with Turboperformance in Regensburg for over 8 years.

We are an authorised Turboperformance base and carry out software optimisation and vehicle conversions from sports air filters to racing cars.

Due to our proximity to the Nürburgring and our in-house racing team, our experience from motor sports is incorporated into our customer projects.

ChipTuning from TurboPerformance

The views on the subject of chip tuning are often quite different. The vehicle manufacturers deliberately describe the software modification as questionable, because an intervention in the engine control can cause damage to a vehicle.

You are in good hands with us! Our decades of experience in the field of software development and optimisation offer you the most advanced and secure solution on the market!

What is ChipTuning?

In modern vehicles, engine management is carried out via the software of the engine control unit.

With software-based engine optimisation, the tolerance of the engine electronics is exhausted (increased) - this process is known as map optimisation.

The vehicle manufacturers deliberately work with a certain amount of leeway in order to be able to make the optimal adaptation to country-specific regulations. These adaptations can usually be traced back to differences in fuel composition, emission standards and insurance classes.

Some manufacturers use artificial engine throttling to better justify price differences between comparable models.

Why TurboPerformance?

With the chip tuning developed in-house by Turboperformance, we offer you tried and tested solutions that get the optimum performance out of your car without overloading the engine. The protective functions of your control unit - this includes in particular the component protection of the engine, turbocharger and transmission - are fully retained. 

Our tuning stands for optimal adaptation and gentle operation of individual components. Your safety and a long service life of your vehicle is our top priority. We do not support extreme measures that could damage your vehicle.

"Why don't you come and visit us?" 

Come to us with your vehicle. You have the choice between different performance levels. In our database you can see which levels we offer especially for your vehicle. 

First we read out the original data of your control unit. This can be done via the OBD socket or directly via the connection of the control unit. 

This data is then transmitted to the TurboPerformance centre in Regensburg, where it is checked and processed by specialists. Each data status is created individually. Already developed, tested and thousandfold proven data stands serve as master projects. In addition, we can also respond to customer requests. Standardised solutions are not used.

The processed data is then imported into the control unit.

For the software optimisation incl. control and test drive we usually need between 4 and 8 hours. We save the original data status for you if you need it later, e.g. when you sell the vehicle.

Voilá - Your new driving pleasure can now

We offer:

  • Chiptuning for combustion engines in cars, trucks, agricultural vehicles, motorbikes and many more with the most modern equipment
  • Vmax Cancellation or modification according to customer requirements (regulated maximum speed)
  • Adaptation of transmission control programmes (DSG, DKG, PDF and EGS)
  • Coordination of hardware changes such as large turbochargers, sport catalytic converters and much more.
  • Safe chip tuning with our optional guarantees
  • Further adaptations to economic or performance tuning are possible through different levels